Use EverBlock for All Your Event Design Needs

Beautiful modular special event decor thats limited only by your imagination

EverBlock is the world's fastest and most flexible modular building system for designing and constructing all kinds of objects and event decor. 


  • Temporary event structures
  • Decor, pillars, entryway's and stylish objects
  • Event furniture such as bars, benches, tables, etc
  • Pony walls, backdrops and room dividers
  • Hard tent sidewall
  • Interior tent walls and tent dividers
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Risers, platforms, podiums, and steps
  • Illuminated objects 

Design Custom Event Furniture and Unique Decor

Use EverBlock to build custom cocktail tables, buffets, bars, benches, staging, platforms and accent features for your events. Mix and match and change event decor as needed for each event.
The flexibility of EverBlock allows you to build all types and sizes of event furniture with only 3 different module types. Imagine the possibilities when you can create customized event furnishings that perfectly match an event space.

Create beautiful custom concession counters, columns and event decor for all types of event applications.

Tent wall dividers
Custom display counter

We offer rental and sale of EverBlockā„¢ in a variety of colors, allowing you to mix and match as needed to meet event themes, match team or corporate colours to achieve your goals.