Bring out the kid in you, or let your kids take the wheel

Build all types of fun objects with the kids (and dog)

Everyone is a builder and with Everblock you can use your imagination to create all types of creative objects for clients and for yourself to use at work and at play.

Amusement facilities can use EverBlock to create bright and beautiful objects and structures that bring excitement to their facilities. Imagine creating unique and colorful benches, entryways, dividers, walls and even complete rooms that will amaze your guests. With EverBlock, it's all possible. 

While we love professional designers and architects, we REALLY love when kids give us their ideas of what to build, because we know they'll conceive of something amazing.  We adults re-capture that sense of wonder,  by facilitating the building of really cool stuff.

Use EverBlock to create:

  • Interactive play areas
  • Castles and houses
  • Pony walls at play gyms
  • Cool oversized objects (i.e. cars, boats, airplanes, etc)
  • Outdoor play structures
Create illuminated objects at recreation facilities and amusement parks