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Videos About EverBlock

Amazing video about EverBlock on the famous Galileo TV program on Prosiebensat1 in Germany

Great video from Australia where EverBlock was rated "HOT" by the audience on Channel 10 Show "The Living Room"

EverBlock video review by Built From Bricks

See our Geek Haul Video w/ Chris Pirillo@LockerGnome

EverBlock was featured on DIY Network's "I Want That" Season 7, Episode 3

Ohev Sholom - The National Synagogue in Washington, DC builds a giant Chanukiah (Chanukah Menorah) out of EverBlocks. Check it out!

Fun little video from Astonishing Studio's Marcel Bonnici. He loves building with blocks more than anyone!

Good video of EverBlock from Japanese television show. ニューヨークで誕生したマイ・ブロック。重ねるだけでスタイリッシュなインテリアが作れます。イベント会場のインテリアづくりに最適です。

Cool feature in Nerd Alert. Thanks Kim Horcher for your review.

WORKSHOP8 was asked to participate on Boulder's Community Cultural Plan kick off launch party. WORKSHOP8 created a fun Everblock installation for the event, then changed it to another version.

Fun little review by Trish Hershberger on Escapist Magazine "Take My Money". Review of EverBlock starts at 0:45

Another good video from Japanese TV ニューヨークで誕生したマイ・ブロック。重ねるだけでスタイリッシュなインテリアが作れます。イベント会場のインテリアづくりに最適です。

Cool video by famous Japanese blogger for a GooglePlay promotion. He builds an EverBlock house and then conducts a week's worth of videos while inside the EverBlock house. Over 1.8mm views.

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